Saturday Group Ride

Let’s kick off the Tour de France with a ride of our own!

When:   Saturday, July 5th, 10am

Where:   Springwater Corridor

  • We will meet at the trailhead at SE Johnson Creek and 45th (if you need to look this up on the map, you can use the address 4401 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Milwaukie, OR, which is the company located next to the trailhead).
  • There is a small parking lot at this trailhead.

What:   Approximately 30-45 miles round trip (or less if you prefer)

  • We can adapt this ride into multiple routes so each individual can ride as far as they like. Our trailhead is at a midpoint on the trail, so we will go out and back in one direction and then can proceed out and back in the other direction for those that feel like it. Additionally, folks can modify the route by turning around whenever they like to make shorter rides.
  • If folks are interested, we can stop in Gresham or Cartlandia for lunch.

Who:   This ride is open to anyone, so please feel free to bring your friends.

RSVP:   If you think you might come, please email me at to let me know (it’s okay, I won’t hold you to it; you’re allowed to change your mind). I will be checking that email address on my phone right up until we start riding, so please use it if you get lost or are running late.

Other:   Following the ride, we will be distributing posters advertising our upcoming fundraiser, MS Bites. Any help would be greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with lunch and a refreshing beverage on me!




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