Easter Sunday Group Ride

When:  Easter Sunday, April 20th, 10am

Where:  Banks-Vernonia Trail

    • We will meet at the trailhead in Banks at the intersection of Banks Road and Sellers Road (see it on a map)
    • There is a small parking lot at this trailhead.

What:  42 miles round trip (you can join for all or just part)

    • We will be riding out and back, so you are welcome to join us for the entire ride or turn around earlier if you need to get on to other Easter festivities.
    • If folks are interested, we can stop for a burger and beer on the way back.

Who:   This is a combined ride for members of Team Amulet and Team Alveoli (Reach the Beach), and is open to anyone else as well, so please feel free to bring your friends.

RSVP:   If you think you might come, please email me at tommibike@gmail.com to let me know (it’s okay, I won’t hold you to it; you’re allowed to change your mind). I will be checking that email address on my phone right up until we start riding, so please use it if you get lost or are running late.



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